We are happy that Les Rochers is situated in one of the less touched departments by the pandemic. 

But the actual situation imposes certain mesures, that can change our offer.

In any case, we will make sure that you can spend your stay with us under the best safety:


All the bedrooms in our  house are very spacious.

You will meet other guests only if you wish.

All our rooms have a private entrance with an outside space, equipped with a garden lounge, which invites you to picnic.


We will provide hydroalcoholic gel, masks and individual cleaning sets, if you need them.

When cleaning the rooms we will pay special attention to the disinfection of sensitive equipement (door handles, switches, remote controls,keys, etc).

The daily cleaning of the rooms is maintained.

We will apply more time in the disinfection and cleaning of the rooms after departures. 


The tables in the Auberge are usually far apart.  We will be able to serve breakfast by appointment, so that you can be reassured about the distance between guests.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information!


For our safety we ask you:

to respect safety and hygiene measures (do not leave used tissues on surfaces etc) during your stay


to cancel your stay at Les Rochers if you are ill or show symptoms of COVID19. You will be able to cancel your stay at any time without cancellation fees.


to let us know immediately if you feel symptoms during your stay with us

to let us know if you feel any symptoms during the 14 days after your stay in our house






Keep healthy !