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Traditional Chinese Tuina Massage,
discover and relax ! 

Amélie Prével, formed at the Chuzhen Institute in Paris, offers sessions of traditional Chinese 

TUINA Massage.

Amélie Prével, trained at the Institut Chuzhen in Paris, offers the traditional

Chinese TUINA massage.

This is a dynamic massage based on the energy concept of traditional Chinese medicine: Through manual exercises and its own tools, it acts on the 14 meridians that conduct energy and blood through the body.

In this way, it works in depth to circulate and rebalance the energy and blood.  In doing so, it regulates the function of the organs and restores tone.


There are two fields of action: the tendon and muscle tissue and the ligaments and joints. The massage releases tension, relieves the joints, promotes blood and lymph circulation and combats chronic pain. In addition, it can provide relaxation and serenity, increase vitality and help eliminate toxins.


Practical side :


  • Amélie is available on request from Monday to Sunday from 11:00 am.

  • The massage is practised clothed, on a table or chair, in your guest room or on sunny days in a secluded corner of the garden           

  • Appointments can be made directly with Amélie or through us

  • Price: 75,00 € (duration approx. 1 hour)


Book your session or contact Amélie for more information. 

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Téléphone: 06 49 67 12 87

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