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Contact us to reserve your restaurants, museums, buy entry tickets or to advise you on your excursions  in our region


 fruits de mer 

Order your seafood platter by Wednesday at the latest for Friday evening and dine at the Auberge. Choose the seafood that appeals to you most.


Enfant Faire Activité artistique


Looking for a romantic evening out?

Have your children looked after by a trusted babysitter. 

Contact us in advance.


electric cars

We'll help you out with a reinforced socket, the real recharging station is planned for later.


3.7 kW






communal kitchen

Have fun in our kitchen!

Prepare your salads, pasta dishes or gourmet menus at Les Rochers


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organic wood-oven bread 

Order Antoine's organic bread baked over a wood fire for thursday evening. We'll be happy to advise you.



privatisation of Les Rochers

Would you like to have our home all to yourself?

Contact us so we can talk about it, and plan well in advance.

IMG_4270 2.HEIC

table d'hôtes

dinner events at Les Rochers

Book for the table d'hôte with Lisa and Matthieu from the Bacouette!

Follow the link to discover the dates


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Relaxation and well-being with a Chinese massage session. 

Book in time,

Amélie is very busy !


Champagne gratuit



gift voucher

vous venez en weekend pour fêter un évènement , pour faire une surprise à  votre chéri.e, vous désirez faire un cadeau ? Parlez-nous en, pour qu'on puisse mettre la bouteille au frais, cueillir les fleurs, amener le chèque cadeau à la poste !


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